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Due to the high cost of maintaining a cable network to a very high standard we offer a range services unrivalled in the field of Cable Network Maintenance.

As a service we offer Cable Fault Location, Cable Route Tracing (Cable Location and Retro Mapping) and Cable Proof Testing for cable faults. In addition we can also do Cable Identification in case there is more than one cable exposed around the fault site. It is unsafe to cut cables that is not properly identified.  

This can be helpful when Network Expansion is done. We can safely identify the correct cable when a Mini Substation has to be installed to an existing cable network.

We offer a full service for cable quality analysis on Medium Voltage (MV) Cables. Our services include Partial Discharge (PD) Site Mapping technology as well as Tan Delta (TD) Technology. Our systems can do both these tests while the VLF (Very Low Frequency) proof test is being done. We will supply you with a full report regarding the insulation quality of your cable.

Proof Testing (Pressure Testing) can be done to all medium voltage cable and switchgear installations. We offer AC as well as DC pressure test modes for Medium Voltage Cables.

We offer a Calibration Service for all brands of electrical test equipment. Calibration is done in compliance with the SA National Standard.

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